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I graduated from college over a year ago now and have been working full-time ever since. I am glad I'm done with school and moving on with my life but, at times, there are some things that I really miss.

  • Constantly learning.
    • And being enrolled in classes, learning subjects I might never otherwise have pursued on my own, but discovered I was really interested in.
    • Expanding my vocabulary. And actually having a place to use some of it.
  • People watching.
    • I am not the most social person in the world so just the walks through the city to campus and through the common areas was enjoyable for me, being around so many different types of people. My university is the largest and most diverse in my state so there were always interesting people to observe.
  • Discovering myself.
    • How I work best, what drives and motivates me, what truly interests me.
    • Being pushed, especially through uncomfortable/scary situations like giving big presentations.
  • Meeting new people.
    • I never really made any good friends during my college career but I definitely met some interesting people, people I could have been friends with had I not been so scared and socially inept.
  • Always reading.
    • Granted, it was assigned reading and textbooks much of the time but I was always a sponge for words and information.
  • Feelings of accomplishment.
    • Getting a good grade on an exam, completing a lengthy paper, receiving compliments from professors, passing a difficult class I never thought I'd get through.
  • Different events always going on.
    • Plays, cultural festivals, food festivals, concerts, art showings, sports games. And usually getting in free for being a student.
  • Actually having a reason to care about what I look like and develop my own personal style.
    • Working 5 days a week at a job where I only wear scrubs and living in a small town with my boyfriend now, I have little to no opportunity to put thought and effort in my outfits and appearance. On the one hand, it's a relief because I don't have to think about anything but on the other hand, I miss thrifting as much as I used to and putting together unique outfits, excited to express myself.
  • Having more free time.
    • Inevitably, much of my time went to school, studying, reading, homework, paper-writing, etc. but I still had much more time to myself than I do now.
  • No student loan bills to pay back yet.
  • Being an adult without all the complete responsibilities yet.
  • Being a part of something.
    • Granted, I am not really the "school spirit" type but it was still nice to be a part of a community and have that common ground with others.
  • Winter, spring & summer breaks.
    • Getting through deadlines and massive papers and boring lectures and seemingly endless classes to finally reach that much deserved reprieve before you do it all over again.
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