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  • Your SAT score is nothing to stress over.
  • He'll be one of your best friends after your heart heals.
  • Your parents will catch you in your lies 9 times out of 10.
  • Going to community college first is actually going to be better for you in the long run.
  • You're going to lose most of your friends if you don't learn to communicate better.
  • Your parents are a lot easier to talk to than you think.
  • Don't speed in the rain. You're going to get in a major car accident.
  • In fact, don't speed at all. It's reckless and childish and you're going to be kicking yourself in a few years when your speeding tickets make your car insurance really high.
  • You're going to end up really liking your sister and wanting her friendship when you get older so be nice to her now.
  • When you get your braces off, wear your damn retainer or else your bottom teeth are going to get crooked again.
  • Think twice before you throw up that first time. It's going to turn into a major eating disorder that is going to fuck up your hormones and metabolism and cause you physical and emotional distress for years.
  • Don't procrastinate your internship because you're going to graduate college late because of it.
  • Nothing is permanent, not even your parents' marriage.
  • You don't love him, you just love the way he makes you feel about yourself.
  • Karma will pay you back with something worth so much more than that $3,500 you gave to a heartless pig who had no intention of ever paying you back.
  • Don't quit piano lessons. You're going to really wish you knew how to play an instrument when you're older.
  • Prom is not the magical night that every movie and television show makes it out to be. In fact, it's fucking boring.
  • You may be more than qualified for a job but more often than not, you won't even get an interview. It seems to be who you know that gets you the job and, later, what you know that keeps you there.
  • Whenever you see one of those "Guess how many of something are in a jar and win!" type contests, always guess more than you think.
  • Attempt to forge better relationships with your college professors instead of blending into the woodwork because they will be potential career contacts and references in the future.
  • When you blow out a candle, DO NOT pour and flush the melted wax down the toilet. It will harden in the cold toilet water and then severely clog your toilet resulting in a nasty and smelly plumbing issue.
  • Lower your expectations about love. Nobody is perfect and no relationship is either. You will be much happier if you stop getting upset when everything doesn't go absolutely according to your ideal plan.
  • You can ask the dentist to keep your wisdom teeth after they pull them out. The weirdo sentimentalist in you is going to really wish you had kept them.
  • As annoying as those extra conditioning sessions were during your soccer seasons, you still need to go to them! You will progress so much further in your sport if you do.
  • When you get in an argument with that friend in the middle of Psychology class and she dares you to "Go ahead and slap her", don't actually do it.
  • When you get offered that promotion that, in your heart, you don't really want...don't take it. You are going to get stuck in a job you don't want to be in for a LONG time.
  • Don't push him away. Force yourself outside of your comfort zone. You are going to lose what may have been the love of your life because you are so withdrawn.
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