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  • A pink and white flowered futon.
    • That I liked to unfold all the way so I could use it as a gymnastics mat.
    • Or fold it halfway and make myself a cozy tent to read in.
    • Growing up in Japan, futons were the most prevalent type of bed.
  • A net that I strung up in the corner to house all of my stuffed animals.
    • Including my favorite stuffed animal of all time, a giant gorilla that my Dad got me on a trip to Korea. I put my Mom's childhood jean jacket on him.
  • An ugly red and white sponge-painted dresser that belonged to my Aunt Dian when she was a child.
    • Later, sponge-painted an equally ugly blue and white.
  • Rainbow Brite sheets and a over-sized, heavy, brown comforter covered in kitty cats and tulips.
  • A big white bookcase full of books.
  • An abundant collection of Breyer horse figurines.
  • An ever-growing number of soccer trophies. I started playing at age 5.
  • Large and plentiful boxes of crayons.
    • And lots of Japanese coloring books because I lived in Okinawa at the time. The pictures were a lot more complex than American coloring books.
  • An old tape player.
    • With a collection of classical music tapes that I stole from my Mom and kept in my pink, zip-up L.L. Bean tape case, embroidered with my name.
  • A tub full of plastic farm animals.
    • And a large, wooden fold-out corral to fence them in whilst playing.
  • Rainbow Brite plush dolls, including:
    • Rainbow Brite, herself.
    • Shy Violet.
    • Patty O'Green (I always thought it was Patio Green, growing up).
  • At one point, an old television and classic Ninentendo gaming system.
    • That didn't last long thanks to the complaints of my older sister.
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