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  • My left brake light is out.
  • I have an ever-growing crack across my windshield.
  • I'm missing a hub-cap.
  • My oil light doesn't turn off.
  • My floor mats mysteriously disappeared.
  • It's just plain dirty.
  • Reading 100,000 miles on the odometer is a distant memory.
  • My windshield wipers no longer wipe, they just kind of slosh the water from side to side.
  • There's anonymous chocolate fingerprints on the roof.
  • I have junk in my trunk. Literally. A lot of it. Including my high school Chemistry book, a deflated soccer ball and a monk costume.
  • My rear speakers emit a screeching, scratching noise when I'm listening to music because I accidentally spilled something in them.
  • There is a large dent/scratch along the side with smears of yellow paint where I, oh so carelessly, ran into a pole.
  • My ac/heat refuses to find a happy medium. It is either arctic temperatures or I'm being cooked alive.
  • My windows no longer defrost completely. They are in a constant state of slight fogginess.
  • The twisty cap on one my tires is missing so air is always slowing leaking out and I have to refill it constantly.
  • I am out of windshield wiper fluid. I am basically viewing the road through dirt-frosted glass.
  • Recently, my steering wheel begins to shake when I brake while driving at higher speeds.
  • More recenetly, my air conditioner is now broken, mid-summer, let the sweating commence!
  • The sensor for my "Check Engine Light" is broken so that it is permanently lit. How will I know when I actually do need to check my engine? That, I do not know.
  • My gas pedal has become loose. If I press it in a certain spot, it comes off. Potentially dangerous? Yes, yes it is.
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