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I hope this doesn't come off as sadistic but I find devices of torture throughout history strangely fascinating.

  • Brazen bull.
  • Iron maiden.
  • The rack.
  • Judas cradle.
  • Scaphism.
  • Scold's bridle or branks.
  • Heretic's fork.
  • Necklacing.
  • Breaking wheel.
  • Burning at the stake.
  • Waterboarding.
  • Tiger bench.
  • Bamboo shoots under the fingernails.
  • Impalement.
  • Pear of Anguish.
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dec 29 2011 +
user picture adrienne: There's also the Pear of Anguish. Interesting name and really quite beautiful-looking, until of course you find out what it's used for. dec 28 2011
user picture Bliss: Ooh, thanks. I looked it up...pretty neat! dec 29 2011
user picture ashley: I love this list! I don't think being interested and intrigued by history is sadistic at all. may 23 2012