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It's safe to say I have broad interests.

  • Mythology. The study of myths.
  • Archaeology. The study of human cultures through material remains. The focus within my major.
  • Paleontology. The study of prehistoric life.
  • Garbology. The study of human refuse. Sometimes goes hand in hand with archaeology. You can tell alot about people by what they throw away!
  • Anthropology. The study of humans, their biology and their culture, past and present. My major.
  • Zoology. The study of the structure, function and behavior of animals. My former major.
  • Cryptozoology. The study and search for animals largely said to be legendary or non-existant.
  • Biology. The study of living organisms.
  • Etymology. The study of the history of words.
  • Entomology esp. Coleopterology. The study of insects (Beetles)
  • Cetology. The study of whales, dolphins and porpoises.
  • Bibliology. The study of books as cultural objects.
  • Egyptology. The study of Ancient Egypt. Sub-field of Archaeology.
  • Oneirology. The study of dreams.
  • Geneaology. The study of family lineages and their history.
  • Oceanology. The study of the ocean and all it encompasses, to put it generally.
  • Primatology. The study of primates.
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