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  • Before I even had my license, my mom let my drive to school to get some practice, she was in the passenger seat, of course. While slowing to enter the turning lane into the school parking lot, I didn't brake fast enough and bumped the person in front of us. It was a large truck with a trailer hitch so nothing happened to it. Although, their hitch did pierce our front bumper and my mom spilled her coffee all over the place in the process. Needless to say, she was pissed off at me.
  • It was the first week of junior year of highschool. I hadn't been driving for a year at that point. I was on my way home and it was raining. While ascending a hill, a large SUV flew past me. On the other side of the hill was a stop light, not visible at the time. The SUV that had just zoomed by had reached the top of the hill a bit ahead of me and realized that the aforementioned stop light was red and there was a long line of cars backed up at it. He had no time to stop so he swerved into my lane briefly before he swerved to the other side of the road into a gravel ditch. For the brief moment that he swerved in front of me, I paniced and slammed on my brakes. Bad idea in the rain. I hydroplaned. I watched as my car sailed closer and closer to the line of stopped cars without being able to do anything about it. I clipped the last car in the line as I turned my wheel hard and went headlong into a hill where my car was crumpled and my air bag deployed. Miraculously, I was okay but the whole ordeal caused at least 5 other people to wreck behind me.
  • Just out of highschool. I lied to my parents and drove an hour away to see some silly boy I liked at the time for some reason or another. I was supposed to be home at midnight. As usual, I pushed my curfew to the limit and ended up rushing home on the interstate at speeds nearing 100 mph. Little did I know that a cop had been following me for nearly 15 miles and as I reached my exit and turned off towards home, he decided then would be the perfect moment to turn on his lights and pull me over. Although he must have clocked me at speeds near 100, he decided to write me a ticket for the speed he clocked me at when he first began following me which was around 80. I narrowly avoided a reckless driving ticket, got a regular speeding ticket and was late getting home. Thus ensuing the wrath of my parents.
  • Leaving my community college one afternoon. As you exit the college, for probably less than half a mile, you have to drive through a small residential area where the speed limit goes down to 25 mph. It was beautiful out and I was happy to be out of class so I decided that the speed limit didn't apply to me that day and went cruising through the residential area at almost 50 mph. I failed to see the cop on the side of the road with his radar pointed right at me. He signaled for me to pull over and wrote me a reckless driving ticket. I had to pay alot of money and go to an agonizingly boring, all day drivers improvement class. I learned my lesson.
  • I was driving through a busy intersection and was passing by the local Chik-fil-a where my younger sister was working. The stop light ahead of me was red so as I slowed down and approached it, I craned my neck to look behind me and see if I could see my sister through the window. I guess I should have braked harder because when I turned my head back towards the light, I bumped a large truck in front of me. As with my first accident, I got lucky in that no damage was done to the other car and they let me go without exchanging information.
  • I was bored and driving aimlessly one night, cruising with my windows down, music blaring. I wasn't speeding or driving erraticly but apparently I ran a pretty serious red light which I will contest against to this day! But a "cop" from my college campus pulled me over (I didn't even know they had the authority to do so) and gave me a stern talking to but miraculously let me go with a warning!
  • Leaving the parking garage of my old apartment, I was making the turn out the gate with one hand as I was, oh so intelligently, texting with the other hand when I ran into the bright yellow pole flanking the gate. It is, ironically, placed there to make the gate more visible but not to me on this day. I heard an awful scritching, scratching, screeching noise as I realized I was slowly scraping my car along side the pole, resulting in a rather large dent and a long, unsightly smear of yellow paint. Needless to say, my car is rather battle scarred at this point.
  • I was merging on to the interstate and this particular entrance ramp had an extremely short merging lane. A driver who was feeling particularly salty that day decided not to let the person in front of me merge over so they, in turn, decided to come to a dead stop at the end of the lane causing me to bump into them. They were driving a Volvo, an apparently extremely well-built car, and they didn't receive so much as a scratch. I, on the other hand, receieved an inverted front bumper and misaligned headlights. My car seemed to still run fine and I was going to be late for work so, thankfully, the couple in the Volvo decided we didn't need to exchange information and I was on my way.
  • Driving through a parking lot, the car ahead of me was on the wrong side of the road and was backing up. I had no clue what they were doing and there was room for me to pass them so I continued slowly forward, assuming they saw me. They didn't. They made a sharp turn while backing up, significantly reducing the space in which I had to pass them and by the time they noticed me it was too late and they had scraped all along the right side of my car. I was annoyed, late for work and honestly don't care about the aesthetics of my car so I cursed at them and drove away.
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