So I haven't really updated my Listography in 2 years or so. I thought my first return list should be about where the hell I've been.

  • Recovering? from the worst, most painful, gut-wrenching heartbreak after the end of my 6 year relationship.
    • I still don't know if am getting better or just learning to live with the pain.
  • Making a huge career change.
    • Going from working at a small non-profit animal shelter for 5 years to a huge, Fortune 500 corporation. I know, I know, sounds terrible but I am still volunteering at the shelter and I had to make the change for my future.
  • Socializing more than I have since high school.
    • Part of the reason my relationship ended was because of all my insecurities. I have been actively changing that, socializing, making new friends, reconnecting with old, and putting myself out there.
  • Gaining confidence.
    • Again, my relationship ended because of my insecurities. I now love myself more than ever!
  • Exercising less & eating more.
    • And the world hasn't ended and my body hasn't really changed.
  • Balancing my brain chemistry.
    • After adamantly refusing help for years and years, I finally got on an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant and it's done absolute wonders for me.
  • Gaining my voice.
    • I have always been something of a pushover. Never spoke up when I felt something was wrong. Now, I have done a complete 180 and I am almost known as the "blunt" girl who may be the only one to speak up! Crazy.

It's just a shame that all these wonderful life changes had to come at the expense of losing love.

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