• my names al, or you can call me vira!
  • came into this world dec 20 1997
  • it/its pronouns only please. if you really super duper cant use them contact me privately n i can give you alt ones.
  • white nonbinary lesbian with AUTISM
  • i try very hard every day to be positive n kind to myself n to others and to never give up. take it easy........but take it. sometimes you get down and thats okay, but LIFES WORTH LIVING, BABY
jan 10 2017 ∞
may 15 2019 +
  • i collect and try to restore my little pony toys from 1982 - present. my favorite in my collection is named sweet lily :-)
  • i love frogs and toads, rats, and dogs!
  • i've been interested in virtual petsites since 2005. thats 13 years of neopets
  • warrior cats is good and im in shadowclan, hells yes
  • i also really like the elders scrolls, and every once in a while i get SUPER into fable 2+3 or dragon age for a week or so
  • also if you know any other games where i can be a buff lesbian who kills people very well with a giant axe.....hmu
jan 10 2017 ∞
nov 23 2018 +