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  • My Dream Baby Shower <3
  • Build the Baby a Library Theme
    • Invitations look like the library check out card.
      • Author: Last Name, First and Middle of me.
      • Title: It's a girl or It's a boy
      • Date due: Issued To
      • Skip a few lines and have the date of the baby shower and the location where your name usually goes on the library check out card.
      • Have a little section that says "Instead of a card, please bring your favorite children's book to add to the Baby "Last Name" Library!
        • "As the baby's due date is coming near we're inviting friends and family dear to choose a favorite story or fairy tale that you would like baby "last name" to hear."
        • "It can be used or new, we don't mind- As long as inside there is a story to find."
      • Librarians: People throwing the baby shower
      • RSVP: email address or phone number
      • Where we are registered at
    • Decorations
      • Centerpieces:
        • My favorite child hood books that I still have! (I have loads of books packed away for my future babies).
        • Also, make bookmarks that have the babies due date on it and possibly their name if we decide to share their name before they are born.
      • Cake: Possible Dr. Seuss or Cupcakes with a book theme for each flavor.
      • Guest book: Pick my favorite childhood book for my baby and have every one there write a small message to our baby.
        • Or the guests can write a little note in the books they bring for the baby.
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