• when i was v tiny, maybe three or four, i always had a dream that took place in this picasso-esque black void with floating objects & my mama & papa would fight over me. mama would have my arms & papa would have my legs & they'd pull me apart until i combusted into tiny falling pieces. it was like a morbid painting
  • around the same age, i'd have a dream taking place in an entirely black void but there was a v long, twisted steel tunnel in the midst of it & i would slide down for what felt like forever until there would be a break in it like a missing train track & i'd fall endlessly into the void
  • for years, i'd have the same dream of a tsunami. i'd be standing on the far edge of the beach near this tiny tourist shop & i'd look out to the ocean & notice the waves were being pulled back & so i knew it was coming. i'd brace myself & try to hold myself to the ground & the waves would come over & over & over & sometimes i'd get swept away but in the end, i was always left standing & okay
  • sometimes i'd live in a world where we suddenly had multiple moons or the planets were v close & visible & it always shook me to the core. i thought it was the end of the world & maybe sometimes it was
  • my most recurring dream now: i am in my home with mama & b. a man or two pull up outside & start coming in the house to murder us & every time, i see my escape & slip out the back door, leaving my family behind & i run down my backyard & jump the fence & keep on jumping fences until the end of the dream. i change my direction always. i'll jump the fence in front of me & then to the side & then to the side again & then in front again in the hopes of losing them but i always feel like they know where i'm going regardless. it semi worries me that i always leave mama & b behind without a second thought. i tell myself i'm getting them help but really, i run & i don't look back
  • i often have the same dream of reuniting with j. it's different but it always feels like we never parted
  • when i was a bit younger, i used to lucid dream all the time. i'd usually be out in some kind of forest & a man would be hunting me. i'd run until i couldn't run anymore & so i'd stop & scream & plead at myself to wake up over & over until i did. gotta help Dream Me out sometimes
  • maybe once every two months or so i have a dream about going on some kind of school camp or vacation & i'm like real pumped about it & i'm on the bus or i'm in the car & we're half way there when i realise i forgot to pack the most basic ass things like a hair brush or underwear or any clothes & i get real depressed & half the time i just abandon the trip & get off in the middle of nowhere because WHATS THE POINT IN ANYTHING ANYMORE
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