• don't waste time on toxic people. cut them out of your life
  • brush your teeth otherwise it all turns to shit in your 30's
  • make healthy habits. be cautious of what you eat. be more active. it only gets harder as you get older. BE! HEALTHY!
  • don't care about what other people think of you
  • save money
  • don't waste energy on being mad over something that won't matter in a years time
  • stop wasting time being self conscious. no one looks back & is happy they hated themselves
  • don't be discouraged by something that will take years to improve your life
  • stay fit. if you aren't fit, get fit as quickly as possible & stay fit
  • sit straight. have good posture
  • take care of your skin. practice daily sk...
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jan 10 2019 +
  • when i was v tiny, maybe three or four, i always had a dream that took place in this picasso-esque black void with floating objects & my mama & papa would fight over me. mama would have my arms & papa would have my legs & they'd pull me apart until i combusted into tiny falling pieces. it was like a morbid painting
  • around the same age, i'd have a dream taking place in an entirely black void but there was a v long, twisted steel tunnel in the midst of it & i would slide down for what felt like forever until there would be a break in it like a missing train track & i'd fall endlessly into the void
  • for years, i'd have the same dream of a tsunami. i'd be standing on the far edge of the beach near this tiny tourist shop & i'd look out to the ocean & notice the waves were being pulled back & so i knew it was coming. i'd brace myself & try to h...
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  • Will My Love Ever Return From War?
  • Procrastinating Self Improvement & Other Things
  • The Year I Went Insane From Mess & Clutter
  • I’m Refusing To Listen To Anything But 1980’s Music & That’s That
  • Is That A Wrinkle? Time To Roll A Thousand Needles Over My Face
  • Buying Clip On Earrings & Then Realising My Ears Are Still Pierced: A Tragic Waste Of Money
  • Ordering Breakfast AND Dinner On UberEats Makes You Fat? Oops!
  • Turns Out My Asshole Dog Just Wanted Attention
  • Is That An Aneurysm Or Just My Heartbeat?
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  • driving on bridges over water. i would always cling to the car door, as though that would stop me from falling when the bridge inevitably collapsed
  • natural disasters. if we were by the sea, i would be on edge. always looking out the back window of the car expecting a tsunami to be approaching. i'd watch the sky like a goddamn hawk during storms, convinced that every cloud was turning into a tornado
  • being the last one awake. i used to make mom stay up an hour after i went to bed & i'd try my hardest to fall asleep before then unless i wanted to face the endless black void that was my house without the lights on
  • food & calories & weight gain & being fat. i could write a novel about this
  • simple things like walking down the stree...
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