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I like lists. A lot. And while I'm actually not that keen on mine being public, this site's setup is more appealing than most private organizers I've seen. So, let's just hope nobody notices this page (hi Ben).

J follows:
listography FAQ
caity deremas
  • our Pokemon kids as 0048 members, K-On, "I knew you'd be here!"
  • Seconds (and Scott Pilgrim)
  • Tsuritama
  • Nedroid Nendoroids
  • Doctor Mew
  • Harvest Moon
  • Yuurei Yuri
  • Pokemon: N "Low" fanfic and story (or doujin) on dA (incl C&B)
  • shipping chart :'( (HS and general)
  • Fionna: What am I to You, AT/Dinosaur Comic crossover picture, BMO, Marceline and Vriska remember me
  • Our Ending
  • Tiny Tower
  • cat planet
  • Homestuck: skyward sord, Striders Americana, Latuna radicals (and update stuff), Extra Life, Zetsuboustuck, Bad Apple anim, Vriska Terrible Things (FST?), I'll wait for you dance image, Aradia/Aradia, prom tier, grimdark Fef, sister ships, Dave Let it Rock, Raven/Rose/Mandy, RoseKan Sexy Vampire, Princess of China, Jade "she's still a mystery", John windwaker, Matryoshka lyrics (Jack Noir? Bec Noir?/Doc Sukuracchu? Igirisu?), Rose/Kan ring finger comic, Sollux Sollew, troll Rose, gijinka of Liv Tyler/Zillyhoo/SORD/etc, Franzstuck, scratch and sniff, Limeredstuck, "from now on I'll begin my own legend." (BRStuck), Beginner/River idolstuck, kart race stuck, Natsuyuki/animestuck
  • fanart backlog (Korra mucha) and Extra Life
  • Sabriel: a hundred hundred heartbeats, the Clayrs
  • PB & Luna
  • Threads of Fate
  • jizzy's Soldierstuck/16-Bit Wars
  • fanart for Picture This
  • Miku Evolution fanart , Infinity Miku, SeeU, Miku/Luka Just Be Friends
  • Majora's Mask and Soul Eater moons
  • waifus from RF3 etc
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Importance of being Earnest
  • World of Gumball gijinka (ghost girl)
  • Fanart: Otherwise, Ashwara, Off Key, May, Liz/Ame, Alex&Jess as Stacey&Scott
  • Morrigan and Okami
  • Captain Underpants
  • Angry Birds
  • Ponies fanart (AJ/Rarity, screenshots, Disney Princesses)
  • Ramona and Wallace
  • Bakura Ryoshka
  • Barney/Robin, Pam/Jim, Cox/Jordan
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