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I like lists. A lot. And while I'm actually not that keen on mine being public, this site's setup is more appealing than most private organizers I've seen. So, let's just hope nobody notices this page (hi Ben).

J follows:
listography FAQ
caity deremas
  • contests
    • AB
  • fantroll
  • birthday art Ani
  • redraw old MAX stuff
  • friend stuff
    • everyone as Majisukas
    • Thinking of you, wherever you are./KNT "I can't wait to see you again" (pixel portraits)
    • What Am I To You GIF with Caity, Liz, Steven/Alex
    • ARPK
    • Fukkireta with me and Steven
    • Ame and J as Skitty on Wailord action
    • Steven: Yellow, Caity: Magnet?,
    • Oversleeping Warrior Ame-chan
    • Liz Griffindor wolf, Caity Hufflepuff whale, Steven Ravenclaw orca, Jenny Ravenclaw dolphin, Alex Griffindor dragon
    • Hachi and J Remote Control
  • 21 John
  • 22 Ice
  • 23 Aty
  • 24 Ary
  • MAXers
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oct 21 2012 +