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I like lists. A lot. And while I'm actually not that keen on mine being public, this site's setup is more appealing than most private organizers I've seen. So, let's just hope nobody notices this page (hi Ben).

J follows:
listography messages
iPhone app (GUIDE)
caity deremas
  • Seer of Space? (could Alex be Heir of Time?)
  • tumblrmon me: Pokeme: Eevee, Abra, Absol, Solosis, (Minun (Kati), Litwick (David))
  • aywas
  • Trickster self
  • portraits for wiki!
  • What's in your bag (
  • pastels (HS)
  • Marigold time warp meme
  • keys gijinka
  • Trade:
  • Animal Crossing style stuff
  • new self-portrait
  • candy-themed dresses
  • sprite Tozoku for wiki layout
  • Art trades and contests! (Gaia comms) Trade here
  • design DSi and get Skinit commission
  • Remake stuff like Coldplay pic
  • journal comics
  • Terror bear
  • Slooth
  • new Twitter background (jumping off swing?)
  • tans, pets, etc:
    • New phone-tan to commission for wallpaper
    • References/new designs for -tans
    • Also draw pet stuff (Pippin, Neopets, Pokemans, etc)
    • And comics, esp. Pokemon
    • Jasmine, Chip, Ariel
  • tan list: phone (Suu), black phone, white phone, iPod (Yuru), laptops (Lev and Pavi), external HD (Maru), old flash drive (Saru), bike (Marienne Kura Mintuffy-Walbrook: "wear a helmet!"), tablet, camera, DS and DSi, GBA, GBC, PS1 controller, ...
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