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I like lists. A lot. And while I'm actually not that keen on mine being public, this site's setup is more appealing than most private organizers I've seen. So, let's just hope nobody notices this page (hi Ben).

J follows:
listography FAQ
caity deremas
  • Mini comic template
  • Chibi Sets: PPG, Madoka raincoats/umbrellas, Angry Birds, PB/Marceline, site gijinka?, BMO
  • Miku/GLaDOS (Tell Your World I'm Still Alive)
  • Bookmarks: Webcomic, Magistuck, AnoMagica
  • ashwara's setup
  • Anime Dad shirt/buttons (also Zazzle)
  • Kyuubey
  • clear gem magnet things
  • Ponies (little Sculpey ones) (cutie mark handbags)
  • adorable collectable line
  • Notions: First Movement remake
  • seal paperchildren with packing tape
  • comic (with A?)/doujinshi/fanbook or
    • Madoka? Doctor Who?
  • short doujin: Madoka comes for dying Homura
  • stand-up thing
  • Pokemon or etc plushies
  • "capsters"
  • Stationery, stickers (dress-up), buttons, commissions, comics or chapbooklol, charmslolol, Bunka dolls, cat highlighters, sodacap stamps, magnet tape, sharpener, something w/ wheels?, BCpill case, Chris Martin doll, Dunkin Donuts cup, Munny, chocolate Sculpey, pin-on-able dolls, felt "shirt" cases for phones, flash drives
  • Magnet magnets
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oct 21 2012 +