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I do not care what car you drive. where you live. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. If your clothes are cutting edge. If your trust fund is unlimite. If you are A-list, B-list, or never-heard-of-you list. I only care about the words that flutter from your mind. They are the only thing you truly own. The only thing i will remember you by. I will not fall in love with your bon...

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  • go the speed limit only when i see a cop
  • am obsessed with knowing the weather forecast (I watch the weather channel religiously)
  • spill and drop everything
  • am irrationally fearful of arachnids (though i CAN'T kill them)
  • plan on moving to California after college (seriously)
  • have an obscure sense of humour
  • am pretty darn sarcastic
  • hate when people misuse 'your' and 'you're'
  • am aaalways cold
  • always watch wheel of fortune hahah
  • live for the summer
  • am a sucker for guys with accents
  • believe everything happens for a reason
  • think twitter is incredibly retarded (what's the point?)
  • hate the midwest
  • am a champion procrastinator
  • have a horrible memory
  • dont eat meat
  • am vertically challenged
  • sneeze too much
  • was meant to live in the 60's
  • hate having to explain things
  • am NOT a morning person
  • can't tell time
  • have a sunglass fettish (well over 20 pairs & growing..)
  • fold every paper im given in half (hamburger-style)
  • am an introvert
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