• i miss being close to u
  • i miss ur obsession with proper gramer (funnest or most fun)
  • i miss your face
  • i miss how our hands wre exactly the samesize pretty much cus i have girl hands
  • i miss how i could talk to you for hours strait all day
  • i miss tickling you
  • i miss how u were a unique person
  • i miss how u made things with/for me like the mask or snowflake
  • i miss how we could just lay there together doing nothig and i would b the happiest ive ever been
  • i miss howeven though i was a boring cripple for a while you would hangout with me
  • i miss our list even though we cudnt finish it
  • i miss the way i feel wen im with you
sep 12 2010 ∞
sep 13 2010 +