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  • Art materials, especially prismacolors, tubes of acrylic paint, gum erasers, clay, and conte charcoal
  • Books. Well-written ones. The Harry Potter series will always be a favorite. Chuck Palanhiuk's work is great. Bongs!
  • Chapstick, Cmere, and Concerts
  • Diana cameras, indestructable and named after me. Dark chocolate.
  • European accents, Ear cuddling, and Elevators
  • Finnish, Finland, and Fireplaces
  • Green eyes. Because blue eyes hurt and brown is boring. Grandma's boy
  • H.I.M. Heartagram tattoos, and Horoscopes
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, every single episode and Charlie can make me laugh. Interpol.
  • John McEntire <3
  • Kisses, meaningful and passionate ones
  • Listography and Lucy (wink wink)
  • Movies, Music, Mary Jane, and Munchies
  • Nintento games and Nailpolish in crazy colors
  • October, I love/breathe Halloween
  • Prudish make-out sessions that become passionate
  • Queen of Hearts arch nemesis, or more precisely Alice in Wonderland
  • Rain.
  • Stoners. I fucking love potheads. Sasha Grey.
  • T.V. shows like The Office, Weeds, House M.D., Flight of the Conchords, Trueblood, etc! T-shirts! "That's what she said!"
  • Ultra badass nights drinking with Carmeline!
  • Videogames: Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Katamari, The Sims, Pac-Man, WoW, any player v. player where I can button mash like motherfucking Tekken
  • Weed. It really really makes me happy.
  • Xmas time! It's cold and everyone buys everyone shit they don't need and cook tons of sweet shit
  • You! ;)
  • Zelda. hellz yea
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