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aug 7 2017 ∞
jul 20 2018 +

Alright, so I believe you guys get the point from reading the title. Yes, our very first event will be about both Temporary Swap and Quizzes. First of all, it will take time on SATURDAY, AUGUST 19TH 2017, at 6 P.M. (WIB) which makes it 8 P.M. KST. However, the Temporary Swap will begin from FRIDAY, AUGUST 18TH 2017's NIGHT. How does it work? Read below.

This event is a mixture of Temporary Swap and Quizzes. It is as simple as you guys will be answering questions of quizzes while temporary swapping at the same time.

  • All the participants will be separated into few groups, depending on how many of you who are going to participate. The more, the merrier.
  • For those who said they will come late, we will still put you in a group with the ones who promised to come on time. Jadi m...
aug 16 2017 ∞
aug 17 2017 +

Hello, fellow Weasterns. This note will explains about how the testimony form works, please read it thoroughly and ask us if you're still confused about a thing or two. (I'm sure you guys know it by now since you have read it on the Steller, yeah?)

Anyway, by conducting this testimony form, we hope we can create even more tighter bond that we already have between the family members, including helping you guys solving stuffs that are interconnecting with the agency, as well as the members.

Alright, so how does this work?

Each and every one of you will be given a link directed to the form (yeah, form again. We love forms.) of the testimony. There will be the usernames of all of our members, and each of the members are given two parts, consisted of: what do you think about @(username), and if there's one (or more) things they could improve on, w...

aug 11 2017 ∞
aug 11 2017 +

Asik banget ya guys, ada versi bahasanya. Saya takut penjelasannya ngga maksimal karena bahasa inggris saya masih kurang, lol.

Oke, jadi saya yakin kalian semua sudah tau tentang sistem form testimoni WST dan tujuannya. Secara singkat, sistem ini diadakan agar ikatan (duh, ikatan) kekeluargaan anggota WST makin erat, termasuk dengan membantu anggota-anggota yang merasa ada sedikit masalah dengan member lain. Mau muji juga bisa kok, lol.

Jadi nanti, saya akan ngasih link form yang harus kalian isi (mau ngulang jokes para admin suka banget sama form, tapi nanti garing). Dalam form itu, ada semua username anggota WST beserta dua pertanyaan untuk masing-masing anggota yang WAJIB dijawab.

Pertanyaannya: apa pendapat kamu tentang @(username), dan apa hal-hal yang menurut kamu bisa di-improve dari member tersebu...

aug 11 2017 ∞
aug 11 2017 +