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"you know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? that's where i'll always love you. that's where i'll be waiting."

  • “a figment of your imagination is better than any other’s already set creation.”
  • “i think it’s brave to try to be happy - you’ve gotten so comfortable being unhappy.”
  • “there’s nothing wrong with being alone, you know? no good to somebody else unless you’re good with just being you.”
  • “am i lost or just less found?”
  • “we’re in a marathon and you’ve hit the wall, but we have six more miles to go.”
  • “i’ve always been curious what it would feel like to go around the world.”
  • “it’s a far away length to happiness, but it’s a path i’m willing to take.”
  • “so what if evil takes over? the world’s already evil anyways.”
  • “delusion can be very comforting.”
  • “if you think death gives you a free rein to act as you please, you are wrong.”
  • “we all love to instruct, though we can teach only what is not worth knowing.”
  • “it taught me to hope, as i scarcely ever allowed myself to hope before.”
  • “and this is where i decide, for the best of us, to say goodbye.”
  • “no matter how ugly or dark your feelings may be, you should not have to bear them alone.”
  • “an open book with a torn out page.”
  • “i’m only honest when it rains.”
  • “romanticism breeds cynicism.”
  • “you have from the beginning been in this place; it is not something that is new to you today. from the time before the vast eon when you dwelled in your old original home, everything is completely clear, unobscured, numinous, and singularly bright.”
  • “darkness will be rewritten into a work of fiction. you are an artist and your heart is a masterpiece.”
  • “you good? no, you’re not. you’re not, baby, and it’s ok. you’re not good, and it’s okay. you don’t need to be good all the time. it’s ok to not be good.”
  • “the human heart is bigger than the world.”
  • “the smartest thing i’ve ever learned is that i don’t have all the answers, and the sweetest thing i’ve ever learned is that i don’t have to have all the answers.”
  • “believe in the me that believes in you.”
  • “if you are not too long, i will wait here for you all my life.”
  • “and the hardest part of living is just taking breaths to stay.”
  • “i know i’m good for something. i just haven’t found it yet.”
  • “once upon a time i was falling in love; now i’m only falling apart.”
  • “i’m afraid you don’t get to decide what you’re worth to other people.”
  • “especially because you don’t remember that time, you can’t forget it but you do remember never to remember it, the time when the shattering into pieces became a way of life.”
  • “i run on sometimes, i know. i guess i think if i yell loud enough, maybe someone will listen.”
  • “the question was posed, ‘does capitalism have a future?’ the answer is no, it does not. capital has no future. the environmental crisis of the planet is the thing that radical people need to think about first of all, not the internal distribution of wealth within a society. without a fundamental social change, that is, the elimination of the capitalist mode of production as a dominant social form, we will all be dead very soon.”
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