hello my name is noah !!

  • age - 18
  • location - england
  • occupation - singer songwriter
  • one time i played charades with topp dogg
  • i also ruined the game of charades with topp dogg

i'm not very good at introductions but i basically like zelo and sleeping and square enix games and demon anime boys a lot..... idk, i like stuff like when the sky is pretty and stars but i also really like lamborghinis and nice socks . idk what this says about me tbh i just like a lot of things but mostly zelo

  • saw b.a.p live - 140427
  • saw f(x) live - 150809
  • saw and met topp dogg live - 150904
  • saw infinite live - 151009

/// more abt me ///

like idk i'm kinda shy but also a huge meme and i rly like nice pretty things like dreamcatchers n sunsets n thunderstorms and generally the weather is something i appreciate a lot bcos like . even if the sky is grey n its rainy it always looks pretty like ??? idk . the sky is always pretty

im rly interested in stuff to do with space and the stars and im rly interested in stuff like tarot cards and that kind of stuff ??? idk i love that kind of stuff. stuff like stone henge n shit .

scented candles n puddles are also nice

im just listing things i like but !! its better than listing things i dont like i guess ?? im just rambling now so im gonna stop . i love zelo . thats all

oh heres a sappy letter i wrote 2 zelo one time https://twitter.com/pupzelo/status/610540131653677056

sep 5 2015 ∞
dec 3 2015 +