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Hey!!! if you think you know me IRL, please don't follow unless you're kin as well!!!!

Juuzou follows:

Juuzou Suzuya


He/Him, 6/8, Tokyo Ghoul



Physical description: In my main canon, I have raven black hair, feminine facial feature and an over ally skinny body, extremely similar to official canon.


  • Mom was a CIS woman
  • Mom was my abuser, all official canon events occurred the same
  • Tsukiyama was my best friend, at one point we had a sexual relationship that lasted a week before he changed his mind
  • I'm currently 18 in my canon
  • I still experience pain rather than it being numbed out, when I first killed someone it heightened my anxiety, though I kept quiet about the feelings since I was young.
  • I really dislike the name Rei and will never get used to it due to canon trauma, please don't call me Rei unless you're really important in my canon to me.

Canon Mates:

  • no one...yet!

PASSWORD: Asphyxia

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