• Electric Highways-I don't want this to be my game of the year, but I keep thinking about it. Its imperfection, its partiality.
  • Tomb Raider-The fidelity of the puppets and how the collectibles are pushed and sold like ads during a free mobile game. Also, is it faking Japanese mythology? (I have no idea) Also, am I not supposed to use the machine gun as much as I'm using the machine gun? (Because she gets the bow and she's like "I'm desperate, I got a bow. Shes picking arrows up. Then she's like "I got the machine gun, and I mow everyone down till I'm out of ammo, then I shoot them in the head with the fuckin pistol"). Also, heavily modeled environments that I'm not supposed to spend any time in. It's so weird.
  • 50 short games-LATELY I've been thinking about how each game expresses the amount that the subject is worth building a game about by the amount of effort that appears to have gone into the game. No one is paying him for this shit. The thing which hes talking about has to motivate him far enough along that he finishes what is there.
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