The girls nodded and stood as she led them into one of the passages. It was much larger than the room they were in before, and it was a bit brighter. They walked down the side passage, and it seemed never-ending. Their shoes clicked on the black tile floors as they approached the door near the end of the corridor. As they reached it, Wanda grabbed the wheel in the centre, turning it and then pulling the door open. Immediately behind the doors, there were steep steps.

     It's never a good idea to put steps behind a door; someone could fall down them and die. But stairs hidden behind a door when you're aware of them can be quite useful, as they can cause one's enemies to fall down the stairs and die. However, this can also result in murder charges, sometimes against innocent people, so it's still best to not put stairs behind a door.

     The girls followed Wanda, careful not to miss a step and tumble to their deaths. It grew darker the farther down they went, and soon they were immersed in darkness. As they reached the bottom, they could just make out the outline of a door where light flooded through. Wanda pushed open the door using both hands, and the bright light flowed in. It was a warm light, and it felt like home. As the girls stepped in, they stared around the room in wonder.

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