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collecting things, anything will do as long as there's enough stuff to collect

snappybookworm follows:
  • photography - the main activity in my life. I've always got a camera with me wherever I go.
  • reading. I have an extensive library in my house and am forever browsing in book shops, charity shops and on line for books I would enjoy. I am a member of a book group who meet on the first Saturday of the month in Motherwell library. See separate lists.
  • Harry Potter anything and everything to do with the boy wizard.
  • collecting various items, see separate list
  • researching my family history Have managed to get back to early in the 19th century so far
  • historical research Linked to family history but have expanded it to include volunteering at Innerpeffray Library near Crieff where I am currently transcribing a book found in a solicitors office detailing the income and expenditure of the library when it first opened to let people borrow books
  • dolls house I built my dolls house using a part-works magazine. Now in the process of making a garden for it with my niece Kiera.
  • train set Sad but true, I am a woman in my fifties and I have a train set. At the moment it is still boxed up waiting for a space in my garage to get it set up and build a layout. It's probably going to be on the Harry Potter theme.
  • caravanning My partner has just bought a Campervan and we are going to make the best use of it possible. So far we have plans to go away every month this year.
  • LEGO Have just re-discovered Lego and am going to start trying to build some stuff with it.
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