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white ppl, please leave a $10,000,000 tip at the door

luv ya ;)

  • amani/ari/raihan <-- (not kin)
  • 18, march 26th
  • mixed armenian/arab poc
  • non-aligned nonbinary (agender if you wanna be technical)
  • he/him
  • tme
  • bisexy, with a preference for women/nb ppl. both wlw and mlm. die mad about it
  • single
  • enfp
  • double aries
  • religion is on hold rn
  • borderline personality disorder, ptsd, autism, adhd
  • i've got 2 dogs
  • college student, animation major
  • learning asl and a bit of arabic and japanese. i want to learn lots of languages
  • if you need me to tag anything, lmk
  • here for a good time, not a long time
  • if it isn't here on this page, don't ask unless we're close ig


dec 28 2017 ∞
apr 22 2020 +