Don't really feel like stanning older 1st/2nd gen groups I didn't get into bc I feel like I missed the train to liking them at an opportune time. I know this is a biased opinion but I want to give newer groups a chance and also I need to like narrow down who I REALLY like and want to spend money for LMAO

Girl Groups

  • Momoland
    • Boom boom is such a good song. Also their voices are pretty good?
  • Exid
    • Every night is so good. I like like 3/4ths? 2/4ths of their voices
  • Mamamoo
    • I like their jazzy feel cool. good voices.
  • Red Velvet
    • They have a lot of cute upbeat bops
  • Dreamcatcher
    • they seem interesting
  • Twice
    • Their music is also very upbeat and cute and bop-y. Ngl Martin Smith made me pay attention to them more
  • After School
    • I like...Raina's voice. idk if they're coming back. Groups on the brink of disbanding makes me hesitant to stan bc it's like what's the point if I want to invest time and money in you....Sorry TT TT
  • Pristin
    • If I'm going to be a Pledis Stan LMAO. I like Nayoung and Yuha
  • I*ZONE
    • Because I like Chaeyeon....and Sakura is very cute. Idk how to feel about everyone else though
    • Also seems interesting
  • WJSN
    • If I'm going to be...a Starship stan LMAO
  • AOA
    • also seems kinda interesting.

Boy Groups

  • SVT
    • already on the way to becoming a Carat LMAO. Hoshi hooked me in. He's very cute....
  • Voisper (them vocals yo)
  • Vromance
  • Pentagon
    • Positive album is soooo goood. Hui has a nice voice. They seem very cheerful and cute so i like it
  • The Boyz
    • A newish group that seems kinda interesting. Not LOVING their music but I dont dislike it
  • BtoB
    • Ilhoon is so pretty... Peniel is really funny. Their voices are really good too and I like their music. They kinda wild LOL
  • B1A4
    • (sad...2 members left so theres only 3 now. Sandeul's voice is so pretty)
  • KNK
    • Rain is pretty good. their voices are sound alright
  • Highlight
    • used to be Beast. I like some of their music
  • Infinite
    • Michelle's ult group LOL
    • I think they're really funny and I like some of their music but for some reason, I don't feel like getting into them


  • Hyuna
    • I don't think I can be a stan. Her songs are bops but I don't favor her voice lol. Will quietly support.
  • Ailee
    • Voice is so pretty. I like it a lot, but I'm kinda neutral to her music
  • IU
    • sweet vocals. cute music
  • Chungha
    • I like rollercoaster(?)
  • Sunmi
    • GASHINA!!!! I dont know if i love her though. Was a part of Wonder Girls. Im only okay with her voice
  • Yoo Seungwoo
    • I like his voice but do I LOVE him??? a question
  • Sewoon
    • I like Sewoon but idk I dont think I love him


  • Bolbbalgan4
    • they have sweet gentle music
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