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  • visit the tokyo skytree
  • drive across the golden gate bridge
  • visit the wat rong khun in thailand
  • eat live octopus in seoul
  • eat sweets in a parisian cafe
  • visit tokyo on halloween night (and wear a costume)
  • view the aurora borealis
  • go on a disney cruise w/ my grandma
  • take a pic of an ezo momonga in hokkaido
  • go parasailing in florida or smth
  • visit a national park in any state
  • join a peace corps teaching program for 2 years
  • go on student exchange
  • visit el hoyo azul in punta cana and reserva ecológico ojos indígenas
  • become bilingual
  • become trilingual
  • become polyglot
  • visit sammezzano castle in italy
  • visit branch brook park & take cool cherry blossom pics
  • visit scenic places in japan's tohoku region
  • visit washington dc again & take pics at the tidal basin
  • visit st basil’s cathedral in russia
  • visit what’s left of the warsaw ghetto
  • visit the maldives
  • hike on mount kisokoma
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jul 15 2018 +