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[exo & nct fic recs!]
I'm quite a picky reader so these are the ones I feel are genuinely going to be well-worth your time! ♡

all lists are still in progress!

aprilfools follows:
  • 10080
    • by exobubz
    • the OG exo fanfic!
  • baby's breath
    • by jindeul
    • the OG exo fanfic!
  • between the lines
    • by madelyn93
    • canon-compliant
    • tbh something happened which made me drop sehun has my ult bias, and in all my 6.5 years as an EXO-L, I've spent 4 of them at least fangirling over ohsehun... but thankfully, baekhyun caught my eye last month and now i'm just happily sailing (for the very first time) with chanbaek as my ship :") anyway, cute coming of age fic! i love how the first chapter goes, much like i've always thought chanbaek was like: fanservice. but then you read on and see how their relationship slowly transforms into something more :")
  • the world and i love you // 世界和我愛著你 | eng ; chi
    • by 河唐先生
    • the original is in chinese and it's been translated into eng (see links above). if you're bilingual and can read chinese, I highly recommend reading the original ver bc honestly, the thoughts and feelings are conveyed better.
    • trigger warnings: self-harm, suicidal thoughts, mental illness (?), non-consensual, and probably a few more
    • my first proper chanbaek fic, in all my 6.5 years as an EXO-L because tbh i've never shipped them but now - oh wow. THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY BE MY FAVOURITE FIC OF ALL TIME. this was my first time reading a chinese fic: i'm chinese but i've always been way better at english than in my mother language but the way it was written was so captivating i actually bothered reading all 40+ chaps of it!! could literally feel my emotions being tossed all over the place - more heart-wrenching than fluffy if i'm to be honest but i have to say, angst might just be my fav genre... you've been warned that this fic is so different from any other i've read before - it's not your usual fluffy fic, it's kinda... sadistic? like it shows you the fine line between love and hate and involves quite a lot of my baby baekhyun being tortured (physically and mentally) so be prepared... also, the author's taken down part of fic i think but somehow there are still some complete versions online bc trust me, 40+ chaps really isn't that long for a masterpiece like this... it'll even leave you craving for more ;-;
  • 也許他知道之骨刺
    • by 賢之冰小魚
    • do try to find an english translated ver if possible - highly recommend!!
    • ever since i read 世界和我愛著你, i started giving chinese fics a chance because honestly, 世愛 was written oh so beautifully... this fic quite different but equally good. it seems less angsty than 世愛 but given i'm just on ch6 right now, i'll have to wait and see... but i love how both fics, and especially this one, are canon-compliant. this one is even more canon-compliant and actually draws me into thinking that pre-debut exo / exo in their early days was really as the author describes :') also, i absolutely adoreee the portrayal of bbh here, his inner strength and stubborness, the facade he keeps under all that happiness... it's so beautiful!!
  • 无非
    • by C_知名不具
    • i've been reading quite a few chinese pics recently, and although this one wasn't canon-compliant (and i believe chinese authors write canon better), this was truly one of the best i've read. the writing style, descriptions, flair... all on point and there was so much depth to it as well. the timeline's slightly confusing, jumping between reality and memory lane with a plethora of diff POVs (not just chanbaek but from the side pairing kris/lay, kyungsoo, kai, OC etc.). it wasn't all angst but a sweet mix between angst and fluff which effectively played my emotions like a doll but it was all worth it bc wow this was such a masterpiece :")
  • 一夜失守
    • by 焦糖冬瓜
    • this is a adaptation of another fic that wasn't originally on chanbaek but it's so seamlessly adapted that their characterisations fit perfectly! unlike most fics, bbh isn't the usual softie but rather an accomplished, wedded director (more like divorced, but the fic will explain better). pcy and kai are the other two protagonists and it's basically this trio and a few other OCs that make up the story. this really has got to be one of my favourites - it's so funny, so delicately written and illuminates an industry i'm not at all familiar with. the writer describes bbh's directing in depth, and pcy and kai's interactions as they act against one another... it's really really reallyyyy intriguing, trust me!
  • 極昼
    • by PapRika
    • this is another strangely intriguing fic - suspect bbh & investigator pcy. i'd say it's on the borderlines of sadism? perhaps a light touch because it goes on about how they're both playing each other (verbally and well... physically) so like... heh. but again, bbh isn't how he's usually portrayed - in this fic, he's a cocky bastard, so mysterious and chiding that you kinda want to punch him in the face but can't help drooling over him at the same time HAHA
  • behind blue eyes
    • by aprilclash
    • blindbbh/lawstudentpcy!au
    • i loved the her writing style! the plot wasn't overly complex and she describes inner turmoil very well! as cocky as bbh was, you truly feel his transformation over those 5 chapters, the author did a really great job in making readers develop a love-hate relationship toward bbh haha
  • 48 hours
    • by 青青子衿搬运社
    • i first read this fic in english around 5 years back. i recently discovered that the original was actually in chinese so i reread it and adlgjahldkjgh it's still as amazing as i remembered it to be!! legit one of my all-time favs, there's no fighting it! i started reading at 5am due to jetlag so i was close to dozing off to begin with but the fic legit woke me up with its chilling plot! if you have time for one fic, this would be amongst the top few i'd recommend!!
  • indelible
    • by surgicalfocus
    • legit one of the best english chanbaek fics i’ve read! the author’s writing is impeccable, together with her humour and sarcasm, it’s impossible not to love her writing and the characters! what chanbaek had in this fic was so raw and so beautiful like my heart actually ached and i had to hug a pillow to calm myself because it was just so beaaautiful i’m serious you’ve got to real this :”)
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