pairing: xue yang/xiao xingchen (mdzs/cql)

samsara / 輪迴 []

xue yang lives and dies and lives again. across thousands of lifetimes, only one thing remains constant: he wants.

the blood in your mouth []

song lan spirits xiao xingchen and a-qing out of yi city without fighting xue yang.

xue yang's not going to be left behind that easily.

blame []

“just a black coffee.”

xue yang decided he liked the guy. while a-qing was punching the order in the system, xue yang grabbed a cup and sharpie.

“should i put ‘a-chen’ on the cup?” he asked, half as a joke and half to tease a-qing.

“xiao xingchen would be fine, thanks.”

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jan 25 2023 +

pairing: stud/earth (friend zone)

someone like you []

“why d’you ask? what’re you playing at?” he points a finger in earth’s line of vision, purposely dramatic. “you’re not a good guy after all.”

a look comes into earth’s eyes then that stud has never seen. “i never said i was a good guy.”

chasing feels like home []

why does it feel like the harder stud tries to keep earth’s affection, the further earth pulls away? sam claimed that earth only views stud as a friend, but at the point they’re at, stud almost doesn’t believe even that to be true.

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