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  • Focus most of my effort on succeeding in school. Doing well at Valencia is the key to progression in my life. Do not procrastinate or slack off. Even my slightest effort is better than average. Fully applying myself will guarantee good grades and graduation.
  • Read at least one book per week (AT LEAST)
  • Watch a movie every day, if possible. Preferable to catch up on French film and Woody Allen.
  • Write every day. A poem, a personal narrative, a short story; it doesn't matter. A creative outlet and undeniable talent that I refuse to allow to go to waste.
  • Keep a journal. Write in it constantly. About everything. I need to reflect more often and stay in touch with my thoughts and feelings. Venting on the page allows me to analyze and assess situations, and h...
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  • To Baby - Vetiver
  • You and Me - The Strange Boys
  • If Not I'll Just Die - Lambchop
  • Hot Venom - Miniature Tigers
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