♥/out of 5

  • The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold ♥♥♥♥

The way Alice Sebold writes is really engaging, and her stories are always told from such a different perspective.

  • Lottery : A Novel by Patricia Wood ♥♥♥

I wasn't sure I was going to like after the first few pages, it seemed a bit simplistic and I thought I knew where the story was heading. But I gave it a chance, and although I HAD known, the story was worth the ride.

feb 17 2009 ∞
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Instead of always messing with clearing out my phone (and losing texts like I did with my last one), here are some of my favorites :

  • "now" ~cowboy, 9/22/07 (and that nickname is exactly why it's so very funny)
  • "OMG I'm at an Irish Pub and there are so many hot dudes with Irish accents. It's a world of Bono!" ~J, 9/16/07
  • "tomorrow in torts we discuss a case about a bunghole" ~J, 9/12/07
oct 6 2008 ∞
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  • wrist, falling off pony
  • toe, walking into bedframe
  • heart (twice) from loving unwisely
  • amazing handcast Mexican mask, put up on wrong wall
  • trust with H in kindergarten, by telling her secret
  • the lock on Juli's Holly Hobby box, because I was angry
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My husband thinks he's the lucky one. Not even close, handsomest!

  • he makes up and sings ridiculously awesome songs with my name in them. Sometimes they are also about burritos. This is the best thing ever.
  • he always lets me choose the side of the bed I want.
  • he makes the best grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.
  • his hugs make the bad days into good ones.
  • he likes my friends, and they love him.
  • he likes my family, and they love him.
  • he always offers to give up wrestlin' night, although I never let him.
  • he never forgets to kiss me goodbye when he leaves for work
  • is the cutest thing in the world when he's napping with the kitten.
  • although when we started dating he said h...
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Books I've read reviews on, or that have been recommended :

  • The Decameron - Gionvanni Buccaccio
  • Remainder - Tom McCarthy
  • Sunstroke - Tessa Hadley
  • Cheating at Canasta - William Trevor
  • Twenty Grand - Rebecca Curtis
  • Bearing the Body - Ehud Havazelot
  • Call me by Your Name - Andre Aeiman
  • Like you'd understand, anyways - Jim Sheppard
  • A Changed Man - Francine Prose
  • The Confessions of Max Treviolli - Andrew Sean Greer
  • Man Gone Down - Michael Thomas
  • The Diving Bell & The Butterfly - Jean Dominique
  • Taken - Edward Bloor
  • Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman
  • Howl's Moving Castle - Dionna Wynne
  • Pandora's Stars & Judas Unchained - Peter...
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A list of "firsts". I hope to keep adding to it.

  • First word: "No!"
  • First pet: A golden named Red.
  • First car: '79 Chrysler Newport
  • First job: helping Josh on his family's chicken farm. I was 7 and only helped because I had a mad crush on him.
  • First piercing: Ears, when I was 10. I'd begged and begged to get it done.
  • First foreign country visited: Australia
  • First time in the prinicipal's office: I don't think I ever went, except possibly to talk to him about it when my little sister had gotten into trouble.
  • First real concert: Def Leppard & Ugly Kid Joe. Heh.
  • First celeb crush: Jeff from Today's Special, when I was four or five.
  • First "real" kiss: age 12, and I punched him afterwards. The only time I've punch...
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Documenting this over at Flickr, and blogging about it over on the blog.

  • Family
    • 1. Share Madeline L'Engle books with Bunk.
    • 2. Make my nephew laugh
    • 3. Write Juli a letter letting her know how much I <3 her.
    • 4. Go fishing with Dad, even though I hate it.
    • 5. Ask Mom to teach me how to crochet. Again :)
    • 6. Visit Grandma T's grave and take purple flowers.
    • 7. Have a night out with Juli.
    • 8. Make John & Juli a wedding book.
    • 9. Forgive Dot.
    • 10. Have a real conversation with Michele.
    • 80. Go through Grandad's pictures with Mo...
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