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NCTZEN & multifandom
when the moon rises/your sun is up/under the same sky/ in this shifted sky/we're connected minds/under the same sky

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new fanfics will be added continously / my faves marked with "♥"


✘ jaehyun / taeyong ✘


In which Taeyong cares too much about fashion and Jaehyun's just the cute bartender.

During a game of truth and dare, Taeyong is dared to hold a sign saying, "Kiss me, I'm desperate" near Han River. He expects people to pass by and give him little pecks on his cheecks until his friends are satisfied. His patience is running thin and he wants to go home until a boy with a sweet smile walks up to him and gives him a sweeter kiss.

aug 23 2017 ∞
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my faves marked with "♥"


Where Mark accidentally wakes Jackson up from his beauty sleep and gets himself fucked pretty good.

Mark decides that it's his turn to take control tonight, so that's just what he does.

"Sleep with me more often Wang"

Mark smiles shyly, cheeks bunching up because of his smile. "We can play together t-tomorrow again."

"Yes," Jackson beams. "Can't wait to play with you tomorrow again!"

aug 23 2017 ∞
aug 23 2017 +

new fanfics will be added continously / my faves marked with "♥"

✘ jookyun ✘


Changkyun was addicted to books and the knowlege they gave him. Jooheon was addicted to the cigarettes and the nicotine in them. When their paths cross, they become more addicted to other things

In which Changkyun ruins his only pair of Jordans, but he meets a honeybee instead.

Jooheon, a thug meets Changkyun who works at a flower shop called "flowers prettier than you".

✘ hyungwonho ✘

jan 22 2018 ∞
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