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  • Candy the Cocker Spaniel mix. She used to let me ride around on her back and I would take lots of naps with her. The day that my mom told me that she died was without a doubt, the saddest day of my Kindergarten year.
  • Chipmunk the calico cat. First pet that I got to name. She used to bite me every chance that she got and mom called them "love nips" and it took me years and years to realize that it didn't mean that she was crazy for me. We gave her away to these people living on a farm when we moved. Mom still says that it wasn't a euphemism for getting her put down. I think that I believe her...
  • Flower and Stripe the petco lizards. Flower once escaped and lived in my room for weeks before we found her and Stripe tried to take my finger off the last time I held him. Mom gave them to someone's son per my request.
  • Velvet and Fighter the bunny rabbits. Had them for maybe a month before allergy tests and over-zealous parents robbed me of my treasures.
  • Scamper the Guinea Pig I feel awful that I forgot his name for so long. I also feel awful that we kept him in the garage. We eventually gave him to a much better home.
  • Levi the Shih Tzu/ Pomeranian. I will always hate little dogs. I gave the fucker away to my aunt and uncle in trade for a cat named Lorelai.
  • Lorelai the brown cat. Named her after the Gilmore Girls. She was never the sweetest cat, but he did have a fondness for me and after the kitten (Arpeggio) chased her around the house for weeks, she started to like him too. She died after about seven years from a cancerous tumor in her eye.
  • Jezebel the black cat. My friend found her and I took her in. But dad said no and gave her away one day while I was at school. I only had her for like four days.
  • Arpeggio the Persian/ Himalayan cat. (Peege, Peggi) There are no words to describe my love for this boy. He is fluffy and loves cuddles and licking plastic bags and I am so glad that he is living with me now. I got him right after my dad passed away and he is a great stress-reliever for me.
  • Olive the grey cat. She was living with my mother for awhile and not digging it at all. When my roommate moved out, I was able to bring both Peggi and her home with me and she is doing much better now. She has two distinct personalities; Olive, who is scared of every noise and movement in the world, and Sweetie Kitty who will do anything in her power to get you to pet her.
  • Lady Hamstance Mang Rex Dasayreland the hamster (Also know as "Honey Bee".) After two prison breaks and consequential suicide jumps from a tall table to a tile floor, she is no longer with us.)
  • Osiris the bunny rabbit (Also know as "Oz".) He was a farm rabbit from the cider mill and he hated his life with me. I gave him to a much better bunny owner. From what I hear his name is now "Charlie" and he humps all the other rabbits.
  • Enoch the ratty boy (Nucky). He was the first rat that I ever had. He was the squish-master, he was the "bad man". He might have nipped your fingers when you put them through the cage, but he never meant any harm. He had a seizure and died in my hands. I loved him. He was outlived by his brother, Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam the other ratty boy (Amster). I have so much love in my heart for this boy, I don't even know what I will do when he travels to ratty heaven. He is currently doing very well after the passing of his brother, Nucky. He comes when we call, he likes to take naps in our hands, and he loves us as much as we love him (if that's even possible). He is my shining star and I am going to do everything in my power to keep him alive as long as possible. Seriously, I would make a major trade with any gods/demons out there to keep him around. (he has now passed and it broke all of our hearts)
  • Marla we got our amazing Chuckwalla lizard on September 22, 2020 and she changed our lives. She is smart and curious. Loves to look out windows and ride around on our shoulders
  • TT after trying to get a desert box turtle and getting scammed out of $150, we learned about Pancake Tortoises. They are like the turtle version of a chuckwalla. TT (the baby name, stands for Tiny Tortoise) is my sweet miniature cow. Just wants to eat and sleep and poop in the bath.
  • Toot we doing a real Desert Box Turtle! Toot is incredibly secretive and still very shy.
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