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  • MBTI:
    • INFP
    • ISFJ
    • ENFP
  • Enneagram: , 4 The Individualist, 9 The Peacemaker, and 5 The Investigator
  • Hogwarts Sorting Hat: Hufflepuff
  • Ruben's Tendencies:Questioner

Enneagram Notes

  • 'Discovering your personality type' by Riso
    • "Our personalities are not the whole of our psyches, although they are enormously important in that they largely affect the way we see the world and interact with it. Thus, the personality is a kind of filter that potentially limits us and our freedom. By indicating the chief features and barriers of our psychic landscape, the Enneagram can help us prepare for a more profoundly direct and spiritual relationship with reality."
    • "Enneagram can help us prepare ourselves for the inward journey by showing us many of the obstacles as well as supports available within our own psyches."
    • "As important as discovering our type is, a much more significant achievement is to be wiling to observe it in action. Indeed, discovering our personality type only presents us with this greater challenge of courageously observing ourselves as we really are, no matter what we find. Without the willingness to see the maneuvers of our personality from moment to moment, transformation cannot take place."
    • "The Enneagram takes us to the threshold of spirit and freedom, love and liberation, self-surrender and self-actualization. Once we have arrived at that unchartered land, we will begin to recognize our truest self, the self beyond personality, the self of essence. That self, of course, cannot be tested by a questionnaire, but only by life itself."
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