• Dream High (9/10 - after this drama Kim Soo Hyun tops my list. Also my first drama to watch in full... definitely kick started my kdrama addiction)
  • Lie To Me (7/10 - loved, but the ending arc disappointed)
  • My Name is Kim Sam Soon (8/10 - liked, but didn't love it like most)
  • Baby Faced Beauty (7/10 - Choi Daniel happy face, but didn't really like the main actresses)
  • Witch Yoo Hee (5/10 lost interest as it carried on)
  • You're Beautiful (7/10 - loved right up to the point I hated Geun Suk)
  • A Thousand Kisses (6/10 - I was so in love with this but it continued to disappoint in the ending/last story arc - i.e. last 20 episodes)
  • The King 2 Hearts (9/10 - sooo good! Top Drama as of yet; love epi 12)
  • Personal Preference (7/10 - cute, but haphazard)
  • Coffee Prince (9/10 - I can see what all the hype was about, love!! ...also developed massive crush on Gong Yoo; fav part epi.9-44min)
  • Big (8/10 - loved EVERYTHING about epi.12, but wanted more from ending. Regardless, a still loved it...also <3 Gong Yoo)
  • Shut Up Flower Boy Band (7/10 awesome drama-crack, lost me near the end, but very happy with the actual ending...also Sung Joon is a great actor!)
  • Ma Boy (7/10 - cute and nice to see a W-Juliet angle, but would have been nice for it to be longer and fill in the gaps)
  • Oh! My Lady (8.5/10 – I was embarrassingly addicted to this drama…like…I couldn’t stop. Really enjoying this one. It was cute, and I didn’t hate the second fe/male leads!! My only complaint was that the last episode felt really rushed to me)
  • Master's Sun (8/10 - cute, and enjoyed it all the way though. Didn't buy the Kang-woo/little sun romance, but oh well)
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