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  • dec:

old photography, old things, It's wonderful life, DARK, all i want for christmas is an ukulele, Gingerbread Christmas Cookies, embroidery, coffee places, cats

  • nov:

31th of oct - happy birthday the spookiest poet and my dead husband *john keats*, the moon, reading at night until three in the morning, exquisite book covers, apple tea, S2 of stranger things, THE CROWN, The Dick Van Dyke Show,

  • oct:

Over The Garden Wall, Neo Yokio, Rain on roof outside window, gray light, deep covers, warm blankets, midnight studying french, driving through forest listening to rain playlist, little apple pie crust, candles

  • sep:

nonfiction book, “I’m so excited! It’s like getting a birthday present!”, Sappho, pumpkin ravioli, selecting songs and books to read for halloween, knitting, femme fatale, Moon Garland, Straw Hat, Odes

  • aug:

Novo amor, space song, Ancient greek, mythology, epic poetry, dark green, nail care, attempting yoga on my bedroom floor at 1am, correct posture, The Invention of Nature: Humboldt, making my own soap, Overnight Oats, making vegan recipes to celebrate the eclipse (vegan chocolate chip pancakes & sweet potato noodles), Growing an avocado tree, lavender sugar scrub

  • july:

honey and ginger ice cream, Art Angels, love songs, Fly me to the moon, pip's expectations, The Romanovs: a crowned family - so tragic, birthday feels 2, the faint music of running water, Cinematographic portraits of childhood experience

  • june:

Gregory Peck, bookstores, skin care, japanese literature, Fenn (album), crush songs, Pumpkin soup with coconut cream pumpkin roast and sunflower seeds, Lemon and lavender bath, Wuthering heights and jane eyre always one of my favourite books of all the time, Dickens's novels, I love Harry Potter books more every time I reread them, 27.06.2017 // I decided to start reading more books in English and French!(hopefully, it will help me improve my grammar and vocabulary), Les Fleurs du Mal

  • may:

collection of the museums, Pistachios, studio ghibli soundtracks, Working on a project from my own book - of art prints and poetry, light through trees, ☆ Potatoes ☆, Ancient runes, notebooks, fashion

  • april:

Les aventures de Tintin by Hergé (nostalgie), - "She did not want to move, or to speak. She wanted to rest, to lean, to dream. She felt very tired." - V.W., Mira Schendel, La valse d'Amélie, stamps, Pilea Peperomioides (Chinese money plant), handmade ceramic, Yoshitomo Nara, Comics, Meat Is Murder, Vimeo!

  • march:

Japanese art, effie gray, hanging cobwebs, forever drawing trees, forever loving mt.fuji, hokusai, starting a new sketchbook to 2017, prints, history, tove jansson, carnation lily lily rose

  • february:

John Keats, vanessa bell, votes for women, tiles, e. m. Forster, La belle Dame sans Merci, The Hours + What the Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine, john ruskin, maurice (1987)

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