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I have no idea what I'm doing

Password is: onigiri

Akai bodo follows:

PSA: the @where the character is from might not always be my version!!! Its just the most common one they're found in or the most known to make it easier to know who I'm talking about!! Most of the time I'm them from ...every universe.. Or version etc.


  • Sal fisher


  • NausicaƤ-valley of the wind
  • Kirishima Eijirou-Boku no Hero
  • Harry Potter
  • Thor odinson
  • Jill-VA-11 HA11-A


  • Therru-tales from earthsea
  • Rayla-The dragon prince
  • Eepop-popee the performer
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  • I have a habit of pushing people away 24/7
  • He Him
  • Poly
  • 17
  • Always in a really bad/depressed mood but always down to chat
  • loves art and making art
  • Asian
  • my kin list is ever growing
  • Have Isolophobia
  • I just a 5'2" demon fueled on bread and Sprite
  • Pustule of stress
  • If I know you irl you can't out me as a filthy kinnie (that means you Toni,for the love of God pls stop telling people)
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