General information

  • Has RPed for at least 6 years
  • Can RP in script and literature forms
    • Will try to be as descriptive as the other writer
  • Is accepting of any genre - fluff, angst, tragedy, horror, action, adventure, drama, romance, anything
    • 18+ lewd and gore is wholly accepted, though it depends on which characters are used
  • OC/FCs are 100% okay! Don't be shy! I do have my own OCs and FCs of my own, of course
    • However, I will not accept mun-to-mun (person-to-person) lewd. It is very disconcerting and I would prefer if it were between muse-to-muse (character-to-character).
  • I don't care about how long or short your reply is; it is acceptable to me, so long as it has decent grammar


  • I'm an adult, if you are uncomfortable with RPing with an adult, that is entirely fine and understandable
  • I support uniships and multiships, but with chemistry and buildup
    • I also support polyamory
  • I am picky with incestuous relationships - to clarify, as long as it is of legal age characters (Mario x Luigi), and if the age gap is not very large, it is acceptable
  • Will not change genital anatomy of my characters in erotic RPs (unless said character can do so via magic) - if this discomforts you, you may not RP with me at all if you wish, or a crossfade to black could be used
  • I mostly hold no limits for kinks, unless it is something such as vore (especially cock vore), watersports, scat, vomit fetishes, pedophilia, necrophilia, and other such unorthodox kinks of the sort. Everything else is A-OK.


  • No godmodding. No metagaming or powerplaying for that matter, either. If I'm going to be in a fight RP, I would like it to be fair at least (unless your character is canonically nigh-unstoppable, at which point I can accept it).
  • Any OC or FC with any type of sexuality or gender is allowed, which includes trans OCs and FCs. However, if you give a trans headcanon to a canon character, it is a major turnoff to me and I will have to decline RPing with you - as trans headcanons simply do not work in that medium.
  • Genderbent characters, however, are allowed, since they are in their own alternate setting.
  • Lewd accounts are happily accepted like any other.
  • I do not support kinkshaming. If you want to start up a "lewd purge" or something, I will NOT take part in it. If you try to pressure me into joining, I will block you with prejudice.
  • I will viciously decline any underage explicit RPs, whether the RP involves underage characters or if I am RPing with someone underage. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • As I have said before, I am against pedophilia, so I will also disallow adult x child scenarios - as well as child x child scenarios, under any and every circumstance.
  • Unless it is how the character speaks, or if the character is talking to the other through text messaging, text talk is not allowed.
  • No poor grammar that is borderline unreadable.
  • Never rush me to get to your RP for anything. Bumps are appreciated as I may happen to forget one RP, but please do not spam me with messages, whether it be public or DMs.
    • If you rush me once, I will simply warn you. If you rush me twice, I will drop the RP for several days. If you rush me thrice, I will outright block you. Stop acting so impatient and simply just wait. I have a life outside of the internet, as do you.
      • Please also do not be worried if I do not respond either. I am not discomforted with your statement or reply, I am simply busy with my life out of the internet. I had this happen to me numerous times. So please, there is no need to worry!
      • This also applies to regular conversations. Sometimes I may not get to you as soon as others. So don't bitch at me for it. I will get back to you eventually.
      • Please also do not force a voice chat or face reveal out of me. That is simply never going to happen unless it is under my volition. I have revealed my voice, yeah, but only because I was wholly prepared for it. It's going to take longer for my face reveal, if it even happens at all. Plus I am always worried about disconcerting background noise or interruptions that may wreck the mood the VC's going for, so that's why I rarely do them.
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