• I am the author of my life. Unfortunately I am writing in pen and I can't erase my mistakes.
  • Too cute to watch, too wild to touch Kim Kibum
  • Sometimes you gotta feel cute in order to get shit done and that’s okay.
  • Les héros ne sont pas des hommes ou des femmes extraordinaire, mais des hommes et des femmes ordinaires placés dans des circonstances extraordinaires.
  • If you wait to do everything until you are sure it’s right, you’ll probably not do much of anything. Win Borden
  • Never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are. Iain S. Thomas, Intentional Dissonance
  • It's said, that those who don't sleep confuse reality with dream.
  • Je voulais être super, mais je carbure à l'ordinaire Tricot Machine
  • U think ur hot shit when ur just really cold piss /CROWD ROARSS/
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