• when liam ordered at burger king and asked how good the spicy chicken sandwich was, on a scale of 1 to wendys
  • when i watched the video of katie singing "fuck you" for the first time
  • when i told myself that a B+ in chemistry is good enough, and i actually believed it
  • when i asked my dad for help writing three papers on world war I because I had so much other stuff to do, and he basically gave me all the facts I could possibly need, since he researched it for about an hour..and not just because he wanted to help me, because he enjoyed it. i had a slight bonding experience with dad, he had a great time doing it, and i wrote three papers that would've taken me three hours in about an hour and 15 minutes. love my dad.
  • when i worked out for an hour and a half ...
jan 9 2011 ∞
mar 23 2011 +
  • katie
  • emma
  • dad
  • mike v.
  • chris
  • tommy
  • emmett
  • troy (sometimes)
  • rachel t.
  • Robert
  • mom
  • zoe
  • mairin
  • sam
  • alexa
  • morgan
  • constance
  • dixon
  • benita
  • bryan
  • erika
jan 7 2011 ∞
mar 18 2011 +
  • i constantly feel that i care about the people in my life more than they care about me
  • i have trust issues
  • the tiniest comment, facial expression, or action can make my emotions explode
  • i want more than anything to be happy
  • things annoy me. so much. on twitter-when people do #this i just want to KILL them
  • i don't think i'm as school smart as everyone thinks i am. however, i know that my brain is highly unique, and i'm going somewhere in life. possibly somewhere no one else has ever been before. and i'm serious about this.
  • i'm embarrassed about the way i act when i see two people in a movie falling in love...when the guy loves her with everything he has and makes her feel like all of her imperfections are just as amazing as ...
jan 18 2011 ∞
mar 18 2011 +
  • Can't Take it in, Imogen Heap
  • Dear John, Taylor Swift
  • Dog Problems, The Format
  • The Gambler, Fun.
  • Collide, Howie Day
  • Under My Bed, Meiko
  • If You're Gone, Matchbox 20
  • The First Single, The Format
  • Sparks, Coldplay
  • How Lucky We Are, Meiko
  • Light in Your Eyes, Sheryl Crow
  • Phantom Limb, The Shins
  • Change of Seasons, Sweet Thing
  • Awake My Soul, Mumford & Sons
jan 8 2011 ∞
mar 23 2011 +


feb 24 2011 ∞
mar 27 2011 +
  • fisheye lense
  • more chapstick
  • true religion jeans
  • polaroid camera
  • highlights
  • good headphones
  • OPI nail polish
  • camelback water bottle
  • to get over ben
  • to improve chris's life, even in a small way
  • a vacation
jan 8 2011 ∞
feb 27 2011 +