• getting into a graduate school
  • getting into Columbia
  • getting a (worthwhile) job
  • having some of this --> $$$$
  • having a kind of permanent home of my own
  • finishing this stupid CBSC project
  • finishing this stupid CBSC class
  • finishing this stupid CBSC fellowship application
  • getting this stupid CBSC fellowship
  • deciding that my sister has not become an anorexic failure at life and laughing at myself for ever having worried about her
  • paying my very last tuition bill
  • paying my very last cent of my loan
  • deciding that everything I'm done to myself this semester really was worth it
  • deciding that no matter what I do in life, I'll always have a little time left over for those less fortunate
  • deciding to start crossing things off of the million lists I've made in my life
nov 17 2010 ∞
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