• England — London and Oxford on a business trip with my dad. I was five or six, so I don't remember much. I do remember the Tower of London, an abundance of Mini Coopers (at the time I thought "Look! They're just my size!"), and my friend's garden. We had gone to kindergarten together, but then she moved to England.
  • Mexico — Middle of nowhere in the mountains. Summer of fifth or sixth grade? Went with my best friend and our moms after winning the trip in a silent auction and splitting the cost. Stayed in an AWESOME house in a valley surrounded by mountains. It would storm every night and it was beautiful. The house had metal stairs inside with little holes punctured all through them. The beds all had mosquito nets over them and we put our shoes on a shelf to avoid scorpions. When we were bored we would stand in the yard and throw avocados on t...
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  • Borders
  • Auto repair shops
  • The parking lot under my dad's office
  • Honeysuckle
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These places are staples in my childhood. I never want to forget them

  • The lake house at Masten Lake. The smell of the flowers in the yard. The pinwheels in the garden. The wind chimes the porch. The outdoor shower. The dresser with the things inside (like the plastic finger puppet). Cathy's house. The sound of the frogs. Old Camp Lakota. Walking with uncle Barry past the abandoned bungalows.
  • Chincoteague. The Sea Shell, Precious Refuge, Mullers, the Kite Coop, the old visitors center, the wildlife loop...
  • The old house in Jersey City with the orange place mats and the lion statues

I remember the neighbors at the lake house - those two boys. Did I ever play with them, or did I just borrow their old tire to play with? And their big black inner tube and the fishing rods. I also remember the day the tiny frogs were jumping eve...

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  • Wait. Just be there.
  • Tell her how I feel. But will that make things worse?
  • And this isn't the first time...


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  • Make photo albums
  • Hang a picture in the bathroom
  • Figure out a plan for my postcards
  • Get mah license (heh heh heh)
  • Recycle all my papers from this school year (O YES!)
  • Paint my room
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