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artist, bread baker, lover of all things old, knitter, journal junkie, trash picker, furniture painter, bead whore, marching to my own little drum,tripping through the universe daily hoping God doesn't have a video camera.

Jane Rourke follows:
  • lighting my program on fire with my little candle during my First Holy Communion
  • Full spinal surgery when I was 16 resulting in the wearing of a body cast for a year.
  • The births of my children
  • my first kayak race
  • the first time I hit a deer with my car
  • my first concert in high school (REO Speedwagon)
  • doing the City to Shore MS150
  • waking up on a REMOTE ranch in Oregon after having arrived the night before in total darkness; It took my breath away.
  • kayaking at dawn on the lake in New Hamspshire
  • kissing the Blarney Stone
  • getting my first apartment
  • moving out of my old house
  • my 365 Flickr self-portrait project
  • starting my first blog
  • finally meeting Kristine for the first time in San Francisco
  • becoming a home owner
  • marrying Breen
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