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body and therefore group members all suffer from ASD and psychosis
those with it marked down suffer the worst symptoms

zain follows:

British? ♡??? ♡ genderfluid intersex ♡ bisexual+romantic ♡ any prns, they/them default

Aiden + Jacob

no age


severe CPTSD, Anxiety, psychosis

✔: purple, black, sweaters, reading, friends, kids cartoons, insects

✖: strangers, adults, loud noise, crowds


Harry Potter movies are a big comfort

Avoids talking at all costs if possible

Easily upset

Lies down on the floor for no reason


REALLY sensitive

Needs comfort at all times, can't be alone

Hopeless romantic

Present since: 2018

jun 12 2018 ∞
aug 9 2018 +