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body and therefore group members all suffer from ASD and psychosis
those with it marked down suffer the worst symptoms

zain follows:

Maori/African American/Australian ♡ ??? ♡ trans male ♡ homosexual+romantic ♡ he/they

Jacob + Reagan + Cameron

22 yrs


CPTSD, Hallucinations + Delusions, severe anxiety, ???

✔: R&B, reggae, music in general, socialising, MEMES, validating other people, uhHHHH

✖: arguments, negativity?,



Loves you

VERY hippy dippy

Types like a madman but talks one word per minute

Floofy hair

Carries nostalgia abt Andi's childhood


Present since: ???

sep 2 2018 ∞
oct 4 2018 +