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body and therefore group members all suffer from ASD and psychosis
those with it marked down suffer the worst symptoms

zain follows:

VINCENT Maori (native NZer)/Arab ~ child alter ~ trans male ~ asexual+ heteroromantic ~ he/they



Anxiety, Hallucinations + Delusions

✔: cardigans, reading, tv shows, giving advice, Jacob, girls, heavy metal (especially when 14+)

✖: strangers, men, know it alls, negativity, loud noise ODIN (regressed Owen) ♠ trauma holder ♠ genderless + monster ♠ asexual panromantic ♠ any pronouns

Height varies

Age slider

CPTSD, hallucinations + delusions, notable paranoia, narcissism ✔: gore, animals, attention, quiet, helping out, cold weather

✖: kids, being alone, being ignored, most people

nov 28 2018 ∞
nov 28 2018 +