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body and therefore group members all suffer from ASD and psychosis
those with it marked down suffer the worst symptoms


New Zealander ♠ male? ish. ♠ gay gay ♠ any pronouns


no age or birthday (mentally around 38)

Narcissism, Delusions

✔: sharp teeth, gore, gothic rock, slasher films, praise, affection, drawing, attention, shyness, femininity

✖: people in general, being ignored, children, teenagers, cats, bodies of water


Reallyyyy enjoys being rude but manages to hold himself back when hes out

Can be genuinely nice on rare occasions

Locked out of headspace, possibly forever

Shape shifts a lot, 2 main forms

Has an animalistic form

Not easily interested in anything

Present since: 7yrs

jun 8 2018 ∞
jan 15 2019 +