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body and therefore group members all suffer from ASD and psychosis
those with it marked down suffer the worst symptoms

zain follows:

American ♠ protector ♠ cis male ♠ Pansexual + ???romantic ♠ he/him


33 yrs, doesn't age

Narcissism, hallucinations, depression, ASD

✔: nu metal, grunge, classic rock, solitude ✖: everything


split off from Jacob, seems to be his father from his past life

Very apathetic


Part of him is Jacob, may be a median thing

New members seem to have emotional connections to people others know except for Rodney he's like a blank slate emotionally

Similar to Liam

Maybe replacing Liam's role in terms of fronting


Present since: 2018

sep 11 2018 ∞
sep 16 2018 +